Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which a diseased or damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint called a prosthesis.

Made of metal alloys and high-grade plastics (to mimic the function of bone and cartilage, respectively), the prosthesis is designed to move just like a healthy human joint. Over the years, knee replacement techniques and instrumentation have undergone countless improvements. Today, knee replacement is one of the safest and most successful types of major surgery; in well over 90% of cases it is complication-free and results in significant pain relief and restoration of mobility.

One of the recent innovations in knee replacement is the minimally invasive total knee replacement procedure. The short incision total knee replacement is a surgical modification using a smaller incision that requires less muscle dissection, which generally results in more rapid and less painful recovery with better early range of motion and improved function.

The procedure involves the use of modified techniques and instruments to place the same clinically proven implants used in standard surgery, but through a much smaller incision. The minimally invasive replacement surgery is performed through one small three- to four-inch incision instead of the larger eight- to 12-inch incision of the standard surgical technique. This approach has the potential for dramatically reducing pain by sparing muscles and tendons that historically have been cut during standard total knee replacement surgery.

Potential benefits of this minimally invasive technique include increased range of motion sooner after surgery, less blood loss during surgery, and faster recovery.

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