Total Disc Replacement

Just as orthopedic surgeons have replaced worn-out hips, knees, and other joints in the body, with artificial joints, Dr. Farr also has the technology to replace worn-out or damaged discs in the lower back (lumbar spine) and neck (cervical spine).

Symptoms that might lead one towards disc replacement surgery:

  • Neck or back pain resulting from one or two degenerated or herniated discs

  • Younger patients who may not want to undergo spinal fusion

  • Symptomatic patients who want to maintain the range of motion of their spine

Surgical Procedure

The disc replacement is performed to the front part of your spine. After careful removal of the disc, the artificial disc prosthesis is placed between the vertebral bones. The prosthesis is usually a combination of metal and very hard plastic. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for Disc Replacement. Patients with osteoporosis or serve arthritis cannot be treated with Disc Replacement.

View a Video About Total Disc Replacement

Please click on "Spine," "Surgical Procedures," then "Total Disc Replacement" in the video player below.

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