Patient Testimonial

Mildred S. who is a pleasant 80 years old had back surgery with Dr Farr in 2011 and she writes: "I had back pain for years and was tired of taking medication. I finally had my back surgery done and it went very well with minimal discomfort. Now thanks to Dr. Farr I am free of back and leg pain. Dr. Farr and his staff were amazing and I was pleased with the overall experience. I feel stronger every day and am able to enjoy life. I would be glad to talk to any one who has any question about my experience."

Dr Farr has been performing total knee and hip arthroplasty, ACL reconstruction , shoulder and knee arthroscopy , carpal tunnel release, simple and complex back and neck surgeries since 2001. Although Dr. Farr is well versed in all aspects of spine surgery, his main emphasis has been endoscopic decompression and fusion and motion preservation surgery.
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Dr. Morteza Farr

Dr. Morteza Farr is board certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship trained in spine surgery.

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