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To make your visit to Dr. Farr as efficient as possible, take a look at the information below. It will help you learn about spinal surgery and let you download the paperwork needed for your visit.

Each patient is unique, so Dr. Farr’s goal is to get to know you as a partner in your care. Open communication, personal attention, and shared decision-making provide the foundation for your relationship.


Dr. Farr begins with a comprehensive physical examination as well as utilizing the most advanced imaging technology available. This enables him to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Farr then develops an individualized treatment plan with you to decrease your discomfort and improve your function while minimizing risk.


Dr. Farr Pursues Conservative Treatments First

Dr. Farr recognizes that surgery of any kind involves some risk. That’s why he is committed to pursuing all reasonable conservative treatment options before recommending surgery. Among the treatments Dr. Farr may suggest is individualized exercise programs, physical therapy, oral medications, and various types of injections and blocks.

Should these types of conservative efforts fail to provide you with adequate relief, then Dr. Farr will carefully review all surgical options, discuss each one fully with you and your family, and help you weigh the potential risks and benefits. Ultimately, the decision to have surgery is yours.

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