The result is dynamic stabilization that allows the surgeon to preserve much of the spinal anatomy. It accommodates a familiar surgical approach and minimally invasive techniques in a range of patients -- including those with acute and chronic instabilities caused by degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs.

A More Natural Position

The Dynesys System augments fusion treatment by dynamically stabilizing the affected joints at rest, in flexion and in extension.

Once the devices are attached bilaterally to the affected segments, the dynamic push-pull relationship between spacer and cord stabilizes the joints, keeping the vertebrae in a more natural position.

Preserving Anatomy

Unlike other pedicle-screw devices, the Dynesys System's screws are placed lateral to the facets. As a result, the surgeon is able to preserve more of the facets than can be spared with conventional pedicle-screw placement.

Familiar Surgical Technique

With the Dynesys System, the surgeon can use a minimally invasive procedure or a posterior approach with typical incision and muscle retraction.

The Dynesys LIS instrumentation is designed to preserve soft tissues and minimize exposure in all surgical approaches.

How It Works

The Dynesys System begins working as soon as it is in place. Intra-operatively, as the spacer warms from room to body temperature, the cord tension decreases between 25% and 33%. Immediately post-operatively and until fusion occurs, it provides stability similar to a posterior fixation system, with AR, LB and FE motion reduced and stiffness increased from pre-operative levels.

Near-term, the cord tension decreases 25% from its post-operative level. Stiffness also decreases while ROM increases. Long-term, the cord tension remains constant at a 50% reduction from intra-operative levels; AR, LB and FE motion are constrained from pre-operative levels.

View a Video About Dynamic Stabilization

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Dynamic Stabilization

The Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System combines the surgical approach of traditional fusion with the philosophy of dynamic stabilization, using flexible materials to stabilize the spine while preserving anatomical structures.
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